Social Impact Storytelling - reach & activate people

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube - videos are one of the most important tools that online marketing will become a success. As a social impact storyteller I reach and activate people through well told stories and media campaigns with meaning.

My references as a storyteller

For more than ten years, I produced documentaries for Northern German Broadcasting (NDR) / ARD as a video journalist and director, which have been invited and honored at numerous film festivals. As the founder and chairman of association StrassenBLUES e.V., I create texts, photos and films as well as nationwide campaigns to show creative ways out of poverty.

Through my experience - thanks for example to a scholarship from the Social Impact Lab Hamburg - as the founder of a non-profit organization I use tools of a professional storyteller  for a significant, positive change in our society.

StrassenBUCH (2018) | 64-page book | idea, editing & management

It was always the big dream of Rosi and Alex to reach people with their photos and poems. As editor-in-chief I have fulfilled her wish thanks to my association StrassenBLUES e.V. and show in StrassenBUCH her works from her time as a homeless person. The photographs and poems are harmoniously combined in an unusual way. Katharina Fegebank (Second Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) wrote the foreword. Stephan Reimers (founder Hinz&Kunzt), Daniel Bröckerhoff (ZDF presenter) and Rainer Moritz (head of the Literaturhaus Hamburg e.V.) contributed impressive street thoughts on the subject of homelessness. Rosi: "Without my camera I wouldn't have survived this time". Alex: "I wish that many people would see that they are not alone and that you can create something together".

StrassenWAHL (2017) | nationwide campaign | video, flyer, freecards, events| idea, concept, coordination, social media & editorial office 

With our homeless association StrassenBLUES e.V. we launched a nationwide campaign for the German election. With StrassenWAHL, we showed homeless people through explanatory flyers and the Wahl-O-Mat that and how they can vote. We motivated non-voters with nationwide posters, freecards and a video to vote. The campaign was successful: 73% more homeless from Hamburg have entered the electoral register. Hamburg´s election leader wants to inform the homeless in elections again, also because of StrassenWAHL.

StrassenSILVESTER (2017) | photo exhibition of and with homeless |Wanderausstellung | idea, concept, coordination, editorial office

"StrassenSILVESTER" - these are photos of the past New Years Eve, which have made homeless people with disposable cameras, in order to keep their yearly change in Hamburg. The result is personal, intimate impressions, which the "artists" present at the exhibition with sensitive interviews and texts. Our association StrassenBLUES e.V. presents the exhibition for a month in the foyer of the Barclaycard in Hamburg. Then it will go to the exhibition around the city.

Margarete - one of the homeless photographers of the exhibition.
Margarete - one of the homeless photographers of the exhibition.

StrassenSONG: "Mein St. Pauli" (2016) & ZEIT ONLINE | song, video & concerts | director, editor, coordination & editorial office

Günter, 62, has spent six years in the Hamburg harbor on the street. He has struggled as a day-laborer on St. Pauli. Günter had a terrible childhood - both parents strong alcoholics. The father has mortally injured the mother alcoholized in a dispute. Now, Günter has prostate cancer and a chronic pulmonary disease and does not live for long. His last great wish: once to stand on the stage and sing in front of the audience. We want to promote the StrassenTALENT by Günter and therefore have recorded the song "Mein St. Pauli" with him - in it he sings: "When I die, bury me on St. Pauli". 

StrassenWEIHNACHTSWUNSCH (2015) | documentary video & event | concept, coordinator, director, camera, editor, social media  

Five homeless people have very modest wishes for Christmas: a jacket, a camping mat, warm winter boots. We received surprising answers when we were on the streets of Hamburg at the Advent season. The documentary video has become a viral hit: On our Vimeo page, the film has watched at over 120,000 people within two weeks. About 2,500 e-mails from donors have arrived. On our #StrassenWEIHNACHTSWUNSCH event, around 300 donors & the homeless came together to celebrate together.

Street Blues + (2015)

NDR + MigutMedia | documentary + web page | coordinator, director, camera, editor, social media + founder

In autumn 2012, documentary filmmaker Nik and the homeless Alex meet. Around five o'clock in the morning, the short journey through the night begins at the Berlin train station mission. Two and a half years later they meet again. And everything is different ... From the 30 minutes documentary, the website has emerged, whose goal is to build bridges between people with homes and homeless people.